Day 2: Schwarzman 1 (blitz) - Georgiev 1 (tiebreak)


World Champion Alexander Georgiev today took revenge on Alexander Schwarzman for his defeat on the first day. But first, a lot of spectators for a moment thought that Schwarzman would win again.  In the classic game of 80 minutes plus 1 minute per move, Schwarzman surpised the public with a 'Coup Weiss'  named after the legendary French World Champion. Schwarzman sacrificed no less than five pieces in order to take back three and crown a king. Georgiev however like Schwarzman had seen this manoeuvre coming and had prepared a neutralizing king capture. In the resulting end game, Georgiev tried to demonstrate the superiority of his position, but after precize defense by Schwarzman an equal draw was reached.

In the rapid game, it was again Georgiev who had the upper hand, but again Schwarzman managed to get away. In the then following blitz game, the grandmasters followed a classic strategy and agreed on an equal draw. In the necessary tie break, it was Georgiev who beat his opponent by forcing him to use too much time. In an already disadvantageous position, Schwarzman ran out of time and lost 'on the clock'.

In spite of Georgievs victory, Schwarzman holds the lead because of his victory on the first day in an earlier match stage.