Day 3: Schwarzman 2 (1 classic, 1 blitz) - Georgiev 1 (tiebreak)

Alexander Schwarzman with his winning end position. Georgiev with his king would have been obligated to take the black piece on 22 and stop on 27 or 31 after which in both cases Schwarzman would have executed the winning blow. Georgiev did not wait for that and capitulated in the board position. 

Schwarzman wins and strengthens his lead

On the third day of the World Title Match Draughts, challenger Alexander Schwarzman directly in the morning game knocked out World Champion Alexander Georgiev. After a opening that by Schwarzman was described as a bit passive from his side, Schwarzman managed to get into the drivers seat and in the middle game acquired significant strategic advantage. Georgiev however accurately defended and offered Schwarzman a forcing that would lead to a draw. Schwarzman refused and continued his strategy into the late middle game. As Schwarzman was starting to lose hope for victory in this game, he continued by playing strong strategic moves and thus kept pressure on his opponent. ,,I played the logical move 41... 21-26 and only after playing it I discovered that I would have a directly winning manoeuvre if Georgiev would respond with the positionally most logical move as well." And indeed, the World Champion did respond with 42. 35-30 after which Schwarzman suprisingly offered a king to his opponent in order to strike back with a decisive blow that would consume almost all of Georgievs pieces.

With this result, Schwarzman after three days has established a firm lead with both a victory in the classic game today and in the blitz game in the first match on Sunday whereas World Champion Georgiev until now only managed to win the tiebreak of the second day.

,,This is probably the first time in ten years that I beat Georgiev in a regular game. It is extremely difficult to beat Georgiev because he even in really bad positions has extraordinary survival skills.”