Day 4: Schwarzman 2 (1 classic, 1 blitz) - Georgiev 2 (1 classic, 1 tiebreak)

Alexander Georgiev recovered remarkably from the defeat in the classic game he suffered yesterday. Today, in the classic game it was Georgievs turn to crush his opponent. With this result, the lead position of challenger Alexander Schwarzman has shrunk to a victory in the blitz stage. With still three match days to go, anything is possible.

Alexander Schwarzman directly after the game was very angry at himself. He had found and calculated a draw, but in a split second decided to choose for another variant that also seemed to bring the desired draw. Georgiev then decisively showed why this was a mistake. In an interview after the game, Georgiev recognized that analytically, Schwarzman indeed should have been able to rescue his position. ,,My tactic this game was to create problems for Schwarzman and it worked."

Schwarman: ,,Yesterday I beat Georgiev for the first time in ten years in a classical game. In the past ten years, many times I reached an analytically winning position against Georgiev, but every time Georgiev managed to slip away. Georgiev has an extraordinary talent for escaping from disastrous positions and yesterday I finally got him. But when I myself get into positional trouble, it really means trouble for me and this is what happened today."