Day 7: Schwarzman 3 (1 classic, 1 blitz, 1 t-break) - Georgiev 4 (1 classic, 1 blitz, 1 rapid, 1 t-break)

Alexander Georgiev from Saint Petersburg prolongated his World Title on the seventh and last day of the World Title Match Draughts in Tallinn. For a long time, challenger Alexander Schwarzman from Moscow had the upper hand but Georgiev showed extraordinary resilience and overcame his defeat in the third classic game by winning the fourth classic game himself. On the sixth day he for the first time took the lead by winning the rapid game, and on the seventh and final day, Georgiev secured his World Title already with the draw in the rapid game. By winning the then following blitz game, he further increased his final lead.

ETV reporting the match victory of Alexander Georgiev. For ETV interview with Alexander Schwarzman, see menu 'Video'.