World Title Match To Start Sunday In Tallinn

On Sunday,  May 12 at 11 am the international draughts World Title Match will be festively opened at the Tallinn Nordic Hotel Forum, where grandmasters Alexander Georgiev, four-time and current ruling world champion and three-time world champion Alexander Shwarzman as a challenger will compete for the world championship title. The head referee of the match will be Frank Teer from The Netherlands, Secretary-General of the World Draughts Federation. The match will last until May 18 and games will start every day at 10 am (except for the opening day when the games will start at noon). Anyone interested can watch the games at the venue or online at http://wcmm2013.fmjd.org.

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Score and Schedule

        May 12* May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18
        Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7
Stage1 Classic 1:20+1' Georgiev  1  1  0  2  1  1  1
 10:00      Schwarzman  1  1  2  0  1  1  1
Stage2 Rapid 20'+5" Georgiev  1   1      1  2  1
 18:00     Schwarzman  1  1      1  0  1
Stage3 Blitz 5'+3" Georgiev  0  1      1    2
 19:00     Schwarzman  2  1      1    0
Stage4 Tie break 5'+2" LG** Georgiev    2      0    
 19:30     Schwarzman    0      2    

Rules and regulations in pdf

Each match, Georgiev and Schwarzman battle until someone wins. The player with the best score in the earliest stage is the world champion.

Example: if player A wins in the second, third and fourth stages of the first six matches and player B wins the first stage of the seventh match, player B is the world champion.

* May 12th, the first stage will start 2 hours later so at 12.00. The other stages - if applicable - as a consequence will also start later: 19.00 rapid, 20.00 blitz and 20.30 LG tiebreak. All times are local Tallinn time EEST.

 ** Tie-break according to Lehmann - Georgiev system: at the start, the players get 5 minutes and added to that 2 seconds thinking time for every move. Within this time, the players will have to play as many games as necessary to indicate the winner.