This match is made possible with the support of the city of Tallinn, the Nordic Hotel Forum, Powerhouse Communications,  the Estonian Draughts Federation and draughts promotor Maarten van Leenen. 

Players: Alexander Georgiev (World Champion) and Alexander Schwarzman (Challenger)

Tournament director: Jacek Pawlicki

Match referee: Frank Teer

Logistics: Aare Harak

Live page: Hendrik Veenstra and Piet Bouma - with special thanks to Hendrik Veenstra for the design of the live page for this match

Live Sjende Blyn computer analysis: Jelle Wiersma and Hendrik Veenstra

Electronic draughts board: Paul van de Veen, Marcel Kosters and DGT Projects

Electronic draughts board software: Wieger Wesselink and Huub van de Wetering

Webhosting and -support: Alexander Presman

Website support: Geb Kos

Website and match coordination: Marcel Kosters


Draughts promotor Maarten van Leenen at his Heerhugowaard Open Tournament.