Alexander Schwarzman

Alexander Georgiev



September 18 1967

World Champion 3 times

World Title Matches 2, 2 times a win

Saint Petersburg 

July 17 1975

World Champion 5 times

World Title Matches 3, 2 times a win and 1 loss (against Schwarzman)

World Championship Tournaments: 7

1994 5th place

1996 3d place

2000 5th place

2003 11th place

2005 8 th place

2007 1st place

2011 4th place

World Championship Tournaments: 6

1994 -

1996 4th

2000 6th

2003 1st

2005 9th

2007 3d

2011 1st

Total score 130 games 156 points (60%) +35 =86 -9

Losses against Kouperman ('94), Clerc ('96), Erdenebileg ('00), Valeneris, Chizhov, Ndjofang ('03), Samb ('05), Chizhov ('11)


Total score 111 games 140 points (63%) +33 =74 -4

Losses against Schwarzman ('96), Chizhov, Kirzner ('00), Jansen ('05) 

Schwarzman versus Georgiev: until now, the grandmasters have played one match that was won by Schwarzman (on tie break, regular score 12 draws). The two grandmasters fought eachother six times in a World Championship Tournament. Schwarzman won one of these duels. In 1996, 2000, 2005 and 2007, Schwarzman finished higher whereas in 2003 and 2011, Georgiev achieved the best result.
Both grandmasters are able to create chances, not visible to the human eye. The animations below illustrate this.


Groningen Seaports Masters 2008


Schwarzman provokes Silva to attack. Then Schwarzman completely takes Silva by surprise when he allowes his attacked pieces to be taken and even is willing to temporarily crown a king for Silva. Finally, it becomes clear that this is all part of Schwarzmans plan to get an almighty king of his own.

 Allan Silva (Brazil)

Alexander Schwarzman


Championship of Leningrad 1989


Already at the age of 14, Alexander Georgiev had reached an incredible strength. In this game, while directing the black pieces, he seduces his grandmaster opponent to execute a seemingly winning combination. But Georgiev of course had seen much deeper....

 Alexander Georgiev

Igor Leontiev (Russia)